It’s that time of year when raccoons and squirrels, enter attic’s during the cold weather and breeding season. In most cases, there are always more than just one animal in the attic this time of year. Even if the animal leaves on its own, and the hole is closed up, the animal will return and attempt to get in another way. Some of these photos show what happens when the entry holes are closed up without removing the animal that had been entering the attic. Raccoon sometimes will leave for a week or two on their circuit and return. It is common for them to go over a roof and begin ripping off shingles or tearing out the soffit or roof vents to get back in what they see was their a home. Squirrels usually just begin chewing a new hole.There is a lot more to solving wildlife issues than just catching the animal which is usually just one of the 3 to 4 steps required. If you have any wildlife issues, give us a call at 618–924–0912.

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