The busy season is here in our industry and wildlife are looking for areas to have their young. If wildlife move into your attic or crawlspace and you’re looking to hire a wildlife control company to remove them, be careful of their tactics.We have many stories from customers who hired a company and was sold unnecessary attic remediations and was told the new insulation along with fumigation would keep out wildlife.This is an absolute lie.There is no insulation that would do this and if there is a fumigant that would, it definitely would not be legal.Sometimes these companies install a one way device on wildlife’s entry hole only to have the animal do severe damage trying to get back in.Before you have a wildlife control company sell you expensive services, request photos or evidence of the damage and the need for that service.In most cases you should not allow the installation of one way devices but have the animals trapped and removed from the area so they don’t continue to damage your property.If you have any doubts or questions about the suggested methods being proposed to you, you should contact us or another company even out of the area for a second opinion.

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