Bat Removal in Marion, IL

Do you need bat removal services in Marion?

Having bats around your yard is great for keeping mosquito populations down but they can get too close for comfort if they decide to roost in your attic. When bats invade homes in Marion, they’ll quickly contaminate your attic with their guano, which can destroy insulation and flooring while also spreading histoplasmosis.

Bats are also common vectors of rabies, which makes it very dangerous to try to remove bats from your home by yourself. For effective bat removal in Marion, get help from a licensed bat control company.


Professional Bat Removal

If bats have infested the attic of your home in Marion, Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control will inspect your property to learn how the bats have been getting in and out, and to find out how large your bat colony is. Using this information, our experts will quickly and safely remove every single bat from your attic.

Once the bats are all gone, our team will place exclusion barriers on the outside of your home in Marion to prevent them from entering your attic again. We can also clean out all guano and soiled insulation to prevent histoplasma from spreading.

The Top Bat Control in Southern Illinois

Allowing bats to infest your attic can lead to damage and disease. Contact Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control today for the most trusted bat removal services in the Marion area!