Bat Removal in Carterville, IL

Are you looking for bat removal services in Carterville?

Seeing bats fly through your yard isn’t a cause for concern but if you see them landing on your siding or hear flapping sounds from your attic, you’ve likely got an infestation. When bats begin roosting inside attics in Carterville, they quickly destroy insulation and floors with their guano, which is known to spread histoplasmosis.

Because bats are also known vectors of rabies, trying to get them out of your attic without help isn’t a good idea. Instead, let a licensed bat control company evict all the flying pests from your home in Carterville.


Trusted Bat Removal

If you think bats have invaded your home in Carterville, Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control will conduct an inspection to find any possible entry points and then see how many bats you’ve got in your attic. With this information, our specialists will work quickly to remove every last bat from your property.

As soon as bat removal is a success, our team will prevent other bats from getting in by applying seals and covers to any bat entry points on your home in Carterville. Additionally, we’ll remove all guano and damaged insulation, then sanitize your attic to kill off any histoplasma.

The Most Effective Bat Control in Southern Illinois

Having bats in your attic presents a health risk to your entire household. Call Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control today for premium bat removal services in the Carterville area!