Bat Removal in Carbondale, IL

Would you like bat removal services in Carbondale?

Bats play an important role in the local ecosystem but the only role they can play in your home is that of a nuisance. Bats often roost inside attics in Carbondale, and will make a mess with their guano, which can transmit histoplasmosis as well as damaging flooring and insulation.

Another threat posed by bats is their likelihood to carry rabies, making it unsafe to attempt to evict bats from your attic alone. If you want to get rid of your bat problem in Carbondale without being bitten, bring in a professional bat control company.


Expert Bat Removal

If you have bats living inside your home in Carbondale, Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control will perform an inspection to determine their colony’s size and entry points. Next, our technicians will humanely remove all of the bats living in your attic.

After the bats have been evicted, our crew will use exclusion materials on the exterior of your home in Carbondale to prevent another bat infestation from occurring. While we’re at it, we’ll clean up all of the guano and contaminated insulation to keep histoplasma from lingering.

The Most Reliable Bat Control in Southern Illinois

Having bats move into your attic can result in major destruction and disease transmission. Give Easton’s Wildlife & Mole Control a call today for the best bat removal services in the Carbondale area!