It is that time of year when wildlife is beginning to have their young. Wildlife is becoming more accustomed to living around us all the time. That is not necessarily a bad thing until they move into our homes, decks, and buildings and become destructive or create an unhealthy environment. Ignoring their presence will make the situation worse. Wildlife should be removed and entry areas secured with wildlife exclusionary products and techniques and any animal wastes removed and the area deodorized and sanitized to reduce further attraction due to odors.

We have had clients that literally had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair damaged foundations, destruction of insulation and ducts and waste contamination. If you suspect you have a critter living among you call a professional before your home becomes a hangout for wildlife. Common areas of entry are foundation vents and crawlspace door that were in need of repair or just left open. The common entry point in the attic is the soffit, gable, ridge, and roof vents, and rotten or soft areas of the fascia and decking due to leaks or water backing up due to gutters being full of debris.

Easton’s Wildlife and Mole Control offers the necessary solutions for your wildlife issues other than just the removal of them. Among them is exclusionary repair techniques regular maintenance such as gutter, roof, and house cleaning, gutter guard installation and lawn cleanup. If you’re hearing noises or noticing strange odors give us a call at 618-924-0912.